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Banana Ripening Room

  • Equipment with high air circulation and homogeneous product temperature
  • Precise temperature and humidity control equipment
  • Air-tight automatic sectional doors
  • Ethylene injection system
  • Computerized monitoring and recording system during banana ripening process
  • Coolers and cooling system designed to keep product moisture loss to a minimum
  • Single-storey, two-storey and three-storey loading systems
Banana Ripening Rooms Qatar
Banana Ripening Systems

Banana Ripening Conditions

The conditions for a successful banana ripening process are:

  • Temperature (14 -20 ° C for ripening)
  • Relative humidity (85-95%)
  • Ethylene gas (100-1000ppm for ripening)
  • Air movement (Room volume circulates 25-30 times in 1 hour)
  • Time (Ripening time 48 -96 h)

The door of the room is kept closed for 24 hours after the application of ethylene. At the end of this period, the room should be ventilated. Depending on the species and varieties, the products ripen within 2-4 days and reach the eating condition and turn yellow.