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Inoxian Direction

True achievers aren’t afraid to take different way. We have never been a conventional company, we always keep our culture unique and this makes our difference.
Our primary objective is our achievement we are committed to integrate sustainability throughout our products and lifelong relationship with suppliers, employees and clients.

Inoxian For All

We follow our sense not the crowd. We believe in new ideas that under pinned by our core values of responsibility and team work.
For each new project we offer our clients to meet the team and discuss details as well as how we manage their work to achieve shared goals while empowering our people with the right tools at every level of the business to ensure strategic and passionate approach to all projects.

Inoxian Special

Inoxian works in a special module to offer each client best services depending on their requirements. We are continuously supporting clients with sustainable solutions.
We schedule programmed preventive maintenance and support to our clients with 24/7 reactive service.

Your Project in 7 Steps

1- Inquiry​

  • Project analysis based on client requirements.
  • Quotation preparation.
  • Inoxian offer.
  • Contract signed.

2- Site visit

  • On-site meeting by our highly competent service team.

3- Project Equipment Delivery

  • For standard project delivery within 3 days.
  • For special big projects delivery within 4 weeks.
  • perfect planned logistic and world class service.

4- Project Installation start-up

  • Our Technical installation teams and our service department ensure fast and proper start up.

5- Project testing & commissioning

  • Mechanical test of each component.
  • Test with Nitrogen.
  • Test on Water.

6- Final inspection & Quality checks.


7- Project handing over and training.