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BEN 160 SL-SR – Dishwasher Inlet Table / Single Sink / Scrapping Hole

Produced in conformity with industrial and commercial kitchen conditions.

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Technical Details

All are made of AISI304 quality 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel.

The table has been designed to fit the inlet of the dishwasher and provides an output to leak the water from an outlet/pass (Suitable for BYM and BYK models)

It is possible to pour the leftover food on the plates from the scrapping hole on the table.

There is a tub on top of the upper surface for prewashing of the dishes.

The upper surface has a special form to ease the slipping of the dish rack.

Legs are 40*40*1,2 mm square stainless steel pipes, closed box profile and there are adjustable ball joint foots.

The upper platform is flat and double-turn, the splash back is 190 mm.


Dishwasher Inlet Table Technical

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